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Photograph disclaimer


The first phase of our website is now complete. In order to complete the second phase we wish to include events we participate in, reports from the children and photographs when possible.


All families should have received a photograph disclaimer letter to complete. We must have this completed and returned urgently, so if anyone has not received one, please download the document below by clicking onto the PDF icon.



Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme now open for 2018




























Heathrow Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme is open again for the next generation of Engineers at our airport!


Do you know any family or friends who may be interested in becoming a Heathrow apprentice?


The scheme is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and has seen over 450 apprentices pass through. In fact, did you know that over half of our Engineering teams are former apprentices and over 80% of those trained are still employed at our airport?


The 4-year scheme sees successful applicants gain comprehensive EAL accredited NVQs at both level 2 and 3 in General Engineering and Engineering Maintenance. Last year, 7 Engineering apprentices graduated and moved into permanent positions within Heathrow Engineering including; Airside, Water Services, Generation, Rail and Estates.


Let's do our bit to help bring people from all backgrounds face to face with real Engineering experiences. There is so much creativity and innovation within our field, and our scheme provides an opportunity to pursue rewarding careers and jobs in Engineering whether they've previously followed an academic or technical route. Click here to meet some of our current apprentices as they share their stories as to why they joined our scheme.



















Glyn Moorshead,Training Manager, joined the apprenticeship scheme himself in 1998, graduating in 2002. He moved into a permanent position at Heathrow as an Airbridge Technician and as a Team Leader. In 2008 he moved into an Engineering training role, which has evolved into his current role today. Glyn said, 'even after almost 20 year working in various roles at Heathrow I can honestly still say that every day is different and still as exciting and challenging as my first day here'.



How to apply


Interested applicants should complete the online application. Successful applicants will then be asked to complete psychometric and aptitude tests. Interviews will be conducted in July, with an anticipated start date of early September 2018.


There is no maximum age limit to our scheme, so if you know of any family or friends who may be interested in becoming a Heathrow Engineering apprentice please contact Glyn Moorshead for more information, or please direct them to the Heathrow careers site where they can apply online. Alternatively, you can forward this email on to them.


The closing date for applications is 07 May 2018.



Women in Engineering and Computing Mentoring Programme


We currently have 6 Engineers and IT managers from Heathrow involved with the Women in Brunel Engineering and Computing (WiBEC) mentoring programme at Brunel University, including Richard Smith, Ray Edwards and Kelly Stone.


The colleagues meet regularly with women Engineers and computing students at Brunel University to mentor them with career and skills advice.


 If you are interested in being a future mentor, please register your interest here by attending a celebration event they will be hosting on Tuesday 29th May 2018 at the Brunel University campus. At the event you will be able to meet with Brunel staff, mentors and mentees who have been participating this year, as well as students and industry mentors interested in being involved in the 2018/19 round of mentoring. One lucky winner will be presented with a prize for the Best Mentee of the Year award, which is a tour of our Airside areas and a visit to the Control Tower, kindly organised by Grant Cooper, Airside Engineering Manager.



Help us bring the next generation of Engineers to Heathrow!

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